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ZuluTrade Review – The Best Social Trading Platforms

Would you like to understand whether ZuluTrade is reliable before you begin using it?

Do you want to find out everything you can do with ZuluTrade (we also have a guide for that), expert opinions, and user reviews?

zulutrade review - copy trading - social trading

ZuluTrade review – copy trading – social trading

ZuluTrade Review – The Best Social Trading Platforms

In this ZuluTrade review, you’ll find everything you need to dispel any doubt, including our opinion on ZuluTrade, both practical and technical, after years of experience on the platform.

The best thing you could is to open a free demo account to try out first-hand the ZuluTrade platform, to be able to fully follow this review.

What is ZuluTrade?

ZuluTrade is a social trading network and platform that connects you with thousands of traders (also called “signal providers”) around the world. Instead of studying the market and trading yourself, you select the signal providers you’d like to follow instead. The Zulutrade platform will then convert their advice and trades directly into your own account.

Is ZuluTrade a scam? Is ZuluTrade reliable?

There are many scams in the forex field, carried out by phony investment broker agencies. ZuluTrade is not one of those companies.

ZuluTrade is a regulated firm with several licenses, founded in 2007, therefore it’s been on the market for many years, with hundreds of employs in their offices all over the world, and with many partnerships with other important players of the financial markets.

Is ZuluTrade regulated? Is AAAFX regulated?
As explained earlier, ZuluTrade is not a broker, but a cross-broker platform. Dayo Innovative Trading Ltd. owns the patents and licenses of ZuluTrade, and it operates under the trade name of AAAFX.

AAAFX (or the full name “Triple A Experts SA”) is a Greek brokerage firm, regularly registered at the HCMC (Hellenic Capital Market Commission) with registration number 2/540/17-2-2010, and MiFID compliant.

What can you do with ZuluTrade?
With ZuluTrade, you can:

  • Operate on the markets autonomously (Retail Trading) through CFDs on some cryptocurrencies, currencies, indices, raw materials, maybe through the ZuluTrade Social Charts.
  • Let ZuluTrade automatically and proportionally replicate on your account the trades of traders you choose (Copy Trading).
  • Do both, participating and sharing information on trades and investments with the whole community, to make the best choices (Social Trading).
  • Set advanced security tools (ZuluGuard) or automatic portfolio management rules (ZuluTrade Automator).
  • Trade on the most popular cryptocurrencies.
  • Create and use Trading Scripts and EA directly from the platform, without having to use external software, thanks to ZuluScript.

Like all other Social Trading companies, ZuluTrade connects all investors looking for new ways to get returns from their capital by exploiting the performance of other professional traders, called “Signal Providers”.

The whole platform has a modern and captivating graphic, its features are simple and practical, providing for a high accessibility, in less than a minute you can open a free demo account, either by entering your data or using your Facebook account.

How does Zulutrade work?
We will explain all the actors involved in Zulutrade and the relationship between them.

  • User: It would be the investor, it is who creates a Demo Account or Real Account in Zulutrade and begins to follow some Trader to be able to copy the signal and to operate with its money.
  • Trader: Expert agents or robots (basically complex programs) that follow the market 24 hours and issue signals of purchase or sale to Zulutrade.
  • Zulutrade: Receive the signals from the Traders, see which users follow these Traders and replicate these signals to the Brokers.
  • Broker: It is who receives the signal and materializes it in a buy or sell order in the market, in the Forex. It is also the one that gives us the possibility to make leverage and to be able to operate with greater capital in the market.

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Dorothy Benjamin
Dorothy Benjamin

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Mary Atkins
Mary Atkins

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CLaudia Davis

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