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FXPrimus Review

The Safest Place to Trade: Your funds are insured up to 2.5 million $, Verify every transaction executed through your broker on the blockchain, Secure deposits & express withdrawals….

1. About FXPrimus:
FXPRIMUS is one of the few brokers that has created a very high standard for safety, security, operating efficiency, and, lastly, transparency in all matters.
From a safety perspective, FXPRIMUS segregates all client deposits from operating funds in offshore accounts with Barclays Bank. There are also numerous national investor protection funds that will kick in for another layer of liquidity in case of capital issues. The firm also has a stellar relationship with regulatory bodies around the globe. Although it is headquartered in Cyprus, it not only has the approval of CySEC, but also has been licensed and approved by nearly a dozen other regulatory agencies across the planet. This all-encompassing presence allows them to process for clients in over 200 countries.

The FXPRIMUS infrastructure dovetails nicely with the MetaTrader4 family of trading platform options, available now in 30 languages. Desktop, web, and mobile services are supported, together with bilingual customer service assistance during market hours “24/5”.
Training and support materials abound, with one-on-one assistance, if necessary. You can also benefit from an advanced set of trading tools, such as pattern recognition software, alerts, Sirix social trading, and other automated trading options.

2. FXPrimus Trading Platform:
FXPRIMUS decided to go with the very popular MetaTrader4 cadre of trading platform options for desktop, web based, and mobile access. Sirix social trading integrates easily, and console formats may be customized, as well. The benefit of having the firm’s global processing infrastructure combined with MT4 is obvious in speed of execution and reliability. For security purposes, the latest in 128-bit SSL technology encrypts all transaction data and personal information for your peace of mind.

3. Deposits and Withdrawals:
Depositing and withdrawing funds with FXPRIMUS is easy. No matter where you might live, you can transfer money using banking wire transfers, major credit and debit cards, Skrill, and even BitCoin. To make it easier still, a variety of local payment alternatives have been installed for your convenience. Check the website for a list. The firm also offers a prepaid MasterCard option that can make withdrawals happen quickly.

4. FXPrimus Account Types:
FXPRIMUS offers 3 main types of trading accounts, FXPRIMUS Variable (Std) account, FXPRIMUS Premium ECN account and FXPRIMUS VIP account.

FXPrimus Standard Account

  • Minimum deposit: $1000
  • Daily Market Outlook
  • Double Dynamo Cashback Bonus
  • One to one consultation
  • SMS Alerts

FXPrimus Premium ECN Account:

  • Minimum deposit: $2500
  • 60 minute MT4 & Trading Tools Training
  • Daily Market Outlook
  • Double Dynamo Cashback Bonus
  • Live Market Update Telephone Calls
  • One to one consultation
  • SMS Alerts

FXPrimus VIP Account:

  • Minimum deposit: $10000
  • 30 Minute Consultation with Market Specialist
  • 60 minute MT4 & Trading Tools Training
  • Daily Market Outlook
  • Double Dynamo Cashback Bonus
  • Live Market Update Telephone Calls
  • One to one consultation
  • Personal Access to Market Specialist 24/5
  • SMS Alerts
  • VIP Trading Signals

Bonus & Promotions:
Unlike most brokers in the industry, FXPRIMUS is generous to its clients with regards to bonuses and promotional offers. This is because the broker believes in rewarding loyalty and also enhancing the trading experiences of its clients. The list of bonuses and promotional offers include:

  • $2 Cash Back Bonus
  • Double Dynamo Bonus (100% Bonus + $4 Cash Back)
  • Join the Oil Rally (Lower spreads)
  • Go for Gold (Lower spreads)
  • 30% Trading Bonus
  • Monthly Earn 50% more offer
  • Change Broker Bonus

For expert traders who become a PAMM Master, they also have the chance to earn extra income for every trade that their followers make.

 5. FXPrimus Customer Support:
The customer support service at FXPRIMUS can be accessed through email live chat or the telephone.  Available 24/5, the support service is also provided in multiple languages.

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